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Always in this desire to share her passion and to broadcast, Doudou Style deploys her talents and regularly juggles different projects, focused on solidarity or inter-cultural encounters through participatory workshops, solidarity auctions, and other artistic collaborations. internationally (Croatia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, ..)


With this new objective of promoting Caribbean cultures and her roots, Doudou Style, of Martinican origin and inveterate member of VTR, has joined the Madapaint collective, a precursor of the democratization of Urban Art in Martinique.
A common objective to promote the whole of the Caribbean shared with many artists and cultural players in the region (Guadeloupe, Haiti, Guyana ..) with whom the artist has recently been able to develop links.

Princess Guerrière , festival _l_art en

Vis Ton Rêve (VTR) is an association bringing together artists and socio-cultural professionals with the aim of making art accessible to all and promoting living together.
Since its creation, the collective regularly organizes eco-responsible and solidarity artistic events promoting Cultures in all their forms and thus fostering the meeting of audiences from all backgrounds.

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